The Importance of Tree Trimming


Tree trimming is an important part of taking care of trees. Trees should not be taken for granted because it can cause damage to the surroundings, people and personal properties if it is left unattended. Untrimmed trees are risky because it can damage overhead electric wires, which can cause fire. During heavy rain, trees that are not properly trimmed also poses as danger because it can fall on vehicles, houses and even passing individuals. Trees that are located near industrial properties and residential buildings should be trimmed on a regular basis for safety purposes.

There is no specific timing perfect for tree trimming. As tree services in Montgomery County PA say, it is a good time to trim the trees whenever the saw is sharp. If there are already dead branches on the tree, it should be trimmed so that new branches would grow and keep the tree alive and healthy. Old trees are prone to rots and pests. If the tree is already infected with pests, it can still be saved if the infected part is properly trimmed.

Tree services are the perfect point persons to contact if ever tree trimming is needed. They know the type of tree when they see it and they also know how to handle the job with care. Tree trimming should be timed depending on the type of tree it is. Some trees will no longer blossom if the buds are cut off before it bloomed. According to the rule book, it is best to clip the flowering trees in a span of three weeks right after it ceased blooming. This process will ensure that the buds are not eliminated during trimming so the tree can still bloom in the following year.

Montgomery County PA has lots of maples, dogwoods and oaks growing in the area. Maples trees should be trimmed right before or after the winter season. If not, the maple tree will “bleed”. The bleeding does not really concern the health of the tree in general. It is just a surface concern for the household or community living around the bleeding tree. In order for the maple tree to refrain bleeding during the trimming session, it should be trimmed in the peak of winter when it is most inactive.

For dogwoods, it can be trimmed anytime of the year except for April and May. Trimming this tree in those months will make the dogwood inclined to dogwood borer. Instead of making the tree healthy, this will cause more damage to it. When it comes to oaks, its trimming should be avoided in the months of April to October.

It is important to leave tree trimming to the experts because improper trimming can cause damage to the tree and could pose as a threat to the individual doing the trimming. There are a lot of tree services in Montgomery County PA that can be counted upon when it comes to this service. It is not that expensive also, unlike the notion of most people.