Storm Damage Results to Tree Removal


The residents of Chester County PA are proud of their beautiful and age-old trees. Aside from beautifying the surroundings, it also gives the residents a sense of comfort every time they see trees lined up on the streets. During the summer season, the trees in this part of the US make lush green avenues with the vibrant and stunning maple, elm and oak trees alternating on the streets. When autumn comes, splashes of rust colored leaves dot the pavement. Those living in the urban area are familiar with tree removal and tree trimming services in order to keep the growth of trees in check, especially when it comes to the safety of the residents.

It is the job of the state municipal board to monitor the trees in the area of Chester County PA. The board is the main body that dictates when trees are planted, pruned and even removed. If the residents want a tree to be removed for some reason, for construction maybe, they have to apply for a permit to the municipal board. Meanwhile, for trees growing inside the garden or the property of a resident, it is up to them to maintain this tree.

Trees in Chester County PA are not only appreciated for its beauty but also for the well being it brings to the residents. The trees harbor the carbon dioxide in the surroundings and turn it into clean oxygen for people to breathe in. Aside from that, trees also keep the temperature of the area cool, especially during the summer months. It helps the residents lessen their electric bills by minimizing the use of air conditioners.

On the other hand, trees can also cause potential dangers. Maintenance of trees, especially those on the streets are essential so it does not pose a threat to people and to properties. Trees are threat during storms that is why overgrown trees and damaged trees need to be removed even before the storm hits. Trees are one of the main causes of casualties during a typhoon that is why removal of dangerous trees should be prioritized.

Storms bring with it tornadoes and high velocity winds. The speed of wind during heavy storms is known to bend trees, break it and even uproot it. The sturdiest tree sometimes does not stand a chance when it comes to very strong winds. If the tree is uprooted and just lies on the ground, without damaging something or someone, then it is a lucky break. However, this is rarely the case. Bended, broken and uprooted trees usually flies into the garden, break into home windows, damage vehicles and is even fatal when it comes in contact with people.

It is not advisable for individuals to do tree removal by themselves. There are professional tree specialists in Chester County PA for this job. It is a costly exercise and labor intensive as well that is why only the professionals should do it. The tree specialists will be able to remove the damaged or dangerous trees efficiently, safely and quickly without incurring damage to the power lines, the near properties and the overall surroundings in general.