Selecting the Right Tree Service: Take The Time to Choose Wisely!


As a new or existing homeowner you may be in need of a tree service for a variety of reasons, both urgent and non urgent in nature. At first glance, many homeowners, especially those in a hurry, will choose the first tree service they find using the yellow pages and make a hasty decision. It’s key to make this decision carefully, obtaining as many quotes and references possible, taking many elements into consideration.

There are many reasons a homeowner may search for a tree clearing/removal or tree trimming service. These reasons may be cosmetic in nature (tree doesn’t fit in with landscape, hides front of home, blocks sunlight,  is too big or small, etc..)  or for more urgent reasons such as preventing a tree from falling over, or restoring the health of a diseased tree.  It is essential to take the time, even in an urgent care situation, to select the right company for the job.

We recommends that first, make sure your selected tree service company is a fully licensed and insured professional service that will cover any mishaps that may occur and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Select a qualified arborist. An arborist is properly trained to carry out a variety of tree related services. It’s crucial that they have the training and experience relevant to the requirements at hand. An arborist is a specialist that knows trees, tree diseases, and how to cut tree limbs to ensure that the overall health of the tree is maintained (that is of course if the tree is not destined for removal).

For example, a reputable arborist at Ricks Tree Service will know to use ladders and ropes while cleaning or trimming a tree, as opposed to spikes that can permanently scar tree bark and adversely affect a tree’s long term health.

The right equipment is key. Tree removal professionals will use the most up to date stump grinders offering the most cost effective method to remove and dispose of tree stumps. The most experiences tree removers at Ricks Tree Service will take the time to clear the area thoroughly leaving no unwanted stump and tree debris. This ensures not only a better aesthetic outcome but also the safety of those using that yard space.

If tree salvage and restoration is the need, than there are important elements contributing to selecting the right tree service with the proven experience and training with proper tree restoration.

Top tree companies will always first try to save the tree if the tree can be saved. All necessary safety measures should be taken into consideration. The best companies will offer a deep root tree feeding service to save and restore health to larger hardwood trees. For smaller ornamental trees such as Japanese Maples, Purple Plums, Birches, or Flowering Cherries, who have been affected by beetles or caterpillars, a spraying method is the most  cost effective alternative to eradicate the infestation.

Many homeowners may not realize initially just how much careful thought must go into the selection of your tree service.

When the time is taken to ask the right questions and research the services during the tree company selection process, homeowners are rewarded and delighted with a lasting relationship. Homeowners can rest easy under their sturdy trees knowing they have a reliable, fully equipped, and thoroughly trained tree service at the ready, to assist in any emergency, and ensure the lifelong health and beauty of your property’s most enduring accessories.. its trees!