Tree removal: Reasons for Removing Trees and How to Prevent Them

Trees are the life of earth. Without trees, we can't imagine even a single day to live. There are a large number of different types of trees and plants on earth and they are rightly called the lungs of earth. It is very difficult to classify the plants as large trees, medium trees and small trees, because it doesn't have any absolute scale of measurement. But there are certainly different yardsticks for measuring them and some are larger than others. Let’s examine some of the important reasons why tree removal becomes inevitable.

Road construction is one of the most important reasons for which the trees are cut down. Different trees that usually stand beside the roads include several fruit bearing trees like jack tree, mango tree, silver tree, etc. all these trees are regarded as the nuisance and are cut down mercilessly, even though they are not nuisances in the real sense. For tree removal, big bulldozers and other machines are used for the purpose.

Trees serve several purposes on the roadside. The most important benefit of the trees is the basic one, which is known each and every primary school student also. They use carbon di oxide to prepare their own food by photo synthesis and produce pure oxygen for us to breathe. That is the reason for which they are called as the lungs of earth.

A single large tree can convert several tons of carbon di oxide into oxygen in a month. But those who are interested in tree removal are interested only in the dollars that these trees bring to their pocket. Hence they neglect this aspect completely. Trees are valued only by the dollars they bring after they are cut down, but no one thinks about the different uses of trees when they are alive.

In earlier days, tree removal was a long and strenuous procedure because they were using only axes for removing the trees, but today tree removal has become a very simple procedure and large number of trees is cut down instantaneously. Bulldozers are the most important machines which are used for this purpose.

Is it necessary to remove the trees always? In fact, it isn't needed to remove them always. The most important reason for removing trees isn't necessity, but the lack of farsightedness. Everyone would think of cutting the trees whenever they think that it is deterring them in some way or coming as a hurdle in their way. So everyone needs to think of the alternative options for that purpose. Even while constructing the roads, it is possible to construct them without cutting them. But no one thinks of those alternatives.

Timber is another important reason for which the people cut down the trees. Another reason is for firewood. It is possible to replace firewood by some other environmental friendly alternative such as natural gas, solar energy or electricity, but you need to have a far sightedness for that purpose. That will serve you all the purpose.