Selecting the Right Tree Service: Take The Time to Choose Wisely!

Most people love their trees and can't imagine having to call a tree removal service to come out and remove it. But sometimes you just can't help it. Sometimes the tree is doing more harm that it is good. If this is the case your best option is to have it removed.

Below I will share with you 6 reasons you may need to have a tree in your yard removed. If any of these reasons apply to you consider calling a tree removal service today.

Reason #1 - Its Dead or Dying

Like all things, tress can at some point die. And while a tree can stay standing for several years after dying, you don't want to let that happen. Here's why. When a tree dies it starts to rot from the inside out. As it rots it gets weaker and weaker. At some point the tree will fall with no warning at all. And as you can imagine, something like this can cause serious damage.

Reason #2 - Its Sick

Just like we humans, trees also get sick. In some cases the sickness, or disease, can be cured. In other cases it cannot. If you have a sick tree and you know the disease is spreading quickly, the best thing to do is have it removed.

Reason #3 - Storm Damage

One of the most common reasons for tree removal is weather. The weather doesn't respect anything. If something is in its path it will damage it. Sometimes the damage can be so severe the tree can't be saved. In these situations its best to call a professional tree removal service to have the tree removed.

Reason #4 - They Are A Hazard

When a tree grows, it really grows. Its branches stretch far and wide. And sometimes this can cause serious problems. For example, if a tree has grown so tall and so wide it is touching power lines or blocking roads, it's time to have it removed. Sometimes you may be able to have the tree pruned. If that doesn't work have it removed immediately.

Reason #5 - There Is A Risk For Serious Damage

Trees have been known to cause serious damage to not only homes but sidewalks as well. When their roots start to spread they can often leave a path of destruction. They can interfere with your plumbing and with utilities that are underground.

Reason #6 - It Just Doesn't Look Good

Listen, I love trees just as much as you do. But sometimes they are a sight for sore eyes. Trees can either enhance the look of your home or make it look terrible. If this is the case you need to have the tree removed. But don't worry, you don't have to go without a tree. Just plant a new one.

Plant something you know will look great and not take away from your home. And as always, make sure you keep up with the maintenance of the tree. Often times proper maintenance can prevent the tree from becoming sick or dying.